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The ARGO Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) solution incorporates biometric authentication and enables real-time identification, precise linking, and effective resolution of data from multiple systems […]


Artificial Medical Intelligence

Artificial Medical Intelligence, Inc., (AMI) develops groundbreaking, proprietary technology solutions for healthcare knowledge transfer as embodied in its EMscribe® platform. At the heart of EMscribe® […]


Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration, Inc.

The PilotFish Automated Interface Assembly Line promises to do for Healthcare Integration what the Assembly Line did for manufacturing. The Assembly Line, long recognized as […]


Anthelio Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

Anthelio Healthcare Solutions is a single source provider of world-class technology products and services for the healthcare industry. We are at the forefront of delivering […]


Anvita Health

We are a population health company that is redefining how population health is managed, measured and implemented. We have challenged ourselves, our partners and our […]


Alpha II

Alpha II’s software platforms and publications support coding, compliance, claims editing, and revenue analysis for healthcare professionals, clearinghouses, and government entities€”both directly and through software […]



Altruista Health provides a suite of technology solutions that support collaborative, analytics-driven and person-centered approaches to population health management. Founded in 2007 and headquartered in […]


Allazo Health

AllazoEngine„¢ combines behavioral science research, industry expertise, and advanced predictive analytics to anticipate medication non-adherence, and forecasts the most effective intervention strategy for each individual […]


Advanced Plan for Health

APH team members have more than 20 years of industry experience in the essentials: healthcare provider management and operations, health benefits, insurance, applied technology, change […]


Advanced Medical Reviews

Founded in 2004, AMR is setting the industry standard in providing quality independent medical case review and utilization management services that are timely, customizable and […]

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